BLEIDRAGUN | WAFFENHANDEL BLEIZIFFER | Eemann Tech Front Sight Korn für CZ 75, CZ SHADOW 2, Checkered, mit 1mm Lichtsammelstäben
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Eemann Tech Front Sight Korn für CZ 75, CZ SHADOW 2, Checkered, mit 1mm Lichtsammelstäben


Dieses Teil ist eine Sonderbestellung und wird extra für Sie bestellt, somit besteht kein Umtauschrecht. Lieferzeit bis zum Eintreffen bei mir ca. 2 Arbeitstage. Es besteht ein Mindestbestellwert von 75€ pro Bestellung in dem dieses Teil enthalten ist.


Lichtsammelkorn mit 1mm Lichtsammelstäbchen für CZ 75 Modelle der Extraklasse! In verschiedenen Höhen (von 5 bis 8mm in 0,25mm Schritten) und Breiten (2,7mm und 3mm) erhältlich.

Original EEMANN TECH Beschreibung:
The Eemann Tech Front Sight for CZ SHADOW 2, CZ 75 has been specially developed and produced for CZ SHADOW 2, CZ 75 handgun and its modifications. Available height options of the sight are from 5 mm to 8 mm. This choice availability allows satisfying expectations of highly demanding shooters in sights customizing for any kind of shooting disciplines.

The visible side of the Eemann Tech front sight is checkered in order to obtain maximum clarity and eliminate a glare that is common for polished surfaces.

The length of visible fiber rod part is 8 mm that ensures optimal highlighting of the fiber rod while aiming.

A small precut has already been preliminary made in the base of the front sight for more convenient drilling after installation it on the slide.

The height of the front end of the Eemann Tech CZ 75 Front Sight is lower than its back end for making the visible side of the sight sharper while aiming.

On the visible side of the front sight in the open-end hole meant for fiber rod inserting is made an additional small-scale recess that forms a red dot of smooth diameter at the end of the fiber rod’s melting time.

The latest technology coating keeps the appearance of the sight much longer than the factory made front sights.

•Fiber Optics Rod Diameter: 1.0 mm
•Height: 5.00 – 8.00 mm with step 0.25 mm
•Front sight Wide: 2.7mm, 3.0 mm
•Fiber Optics Rod visible length: 8 mm

The set includes:
• 1 pc.- Blister Package
• 1 pc.- Front Sight
• 2 pcs.- RED Fiber Optics Rod with length 16 mm
• 1 pc. – Installation Manual

* Note:
The height of factory made front sight on CZ 75 SP01 SHADOW is 5.5 mm.
Recommended height of the front sights that could be used with Eemann Tech adjustable real sights is 7.5 mm and higher.
Installation by certified gunsmith is recommended.

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